A fresh start?

Barely legible scribblings

Hello there, folks.


Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that. Believe me though, you haven’t missed much. 

Thing is, from February to May, I found out what the phrase ‘Writer’s Block’ meant. (Shudder) I hop that never happens to me ever ago. That was a very dark time.

I’m back now though and firing on all cylinders! <– Meaning I’m writing again. 😀 first up, and almost ready to go, is Fungal Tide.. Hang on, I’ll dig out the blurb.


Hidden deep beneath an abandoned park, in the sleepy town of Radfield, lays a secret lost for a hundred thousand years. Humans weren’t the first sentient species to dominate this planet.

 Ryan Bennett has been called a crackpot and a charlatan by every other archaeologist in the field, yet one shadowy organisation believes that his skills are exactly what they need for their purpose.

 Sierra Broadbent works long hours in a rundown café, every penny earned goes toward looking after her young son. Each day is a struggle to make ends meet. Her life changes forever when Ryan sits at a table in the café.

 The past and the present are on a collision course and Radfield will be the first battlefield when what should have stayed buried is unearthed and the residents begin to ‘change’


And after that, I’ll be treading into the scary territory of serial killers, with a story called The Bone Architect. It’ll be a blast, I promise.






One thought on “A fresh start?

  1. I have never read a book by you yet, But the story in this blog has got me yearning to read it bad, I love to read and have recently discovered Matt Shaw, Over the last 2 months I have read just about every book he has written, And that is where I came across your Name and website I hope to read and enjoy your books as Much as I do Mr. Shaw’s!!

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